Development and Growth of People,
Culture and Organisations

Karen Brosnan is a management consultant that has worked nationally and internationally as a strategy consultant, facilitator, and executive coach.

She works with companies, boards and executives to plan strategically for organisational change, to implement leadership development programmes and to facilitate culture change.

She is a director of Nuffield Ireland and a board member of Gurteen College. Karen has an MBA from the University of Limerick, is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, a member of the Irish Management Consultants' Association and is a 2013 Nuffield scholar. Her scholarship report was on Pathways of Leadership Development for the Irish agri-food sector.

She is a passionate and committed diversity champion and has been involved in mentoring programmes to support leadership development and to encourage people to embrace their leadership potential.

Karen is currently chairperson of Ceres: the Women in Agri-Business Leadership Network.

Karen has facilitated strategic plans and policies since 2009. As a strategic facilitator, Karen combines nearly 20 years of facilitation experience with strategic planning methodologies to bring animation and energy to organisations and teams.

Karen Brosnan and Leadership Development

Karen designs programmes tailored to organisational and individual needs, with the key starting point the development of self-leadership.

She supports executives to examine their style and temperament traits so that they can play to their strengths, develop positive habits and processes for conflict resolution, and best overcome situations where issues have arisen.

Karen has studied leadership development nationally and internationally and brings models of leadership development from a wide range of sectors.


Planning for Strategic Change

Karen works with companies to undertake strategic planning, to understand where the business currently stands and what changes can be implemented to reach goals.

Karen takes organisations through a process to identify ethos, values, culture and goals, as well as investigating current position within the sector and reviewing stakeholder engagement.

Board Governance

Karen works with Boards to improve strategy, oversight, recruitment, effectiveness and efficiency, through a comprehensive review of governance procedures, culture of decision-making and reporting processes.

Karen works with Boards to review their governance procedures, their culture of decision making and their reporting processes to improve Board strategy, oversight, recruitment, effectiveness and efficiency.


Executive Coaching

Karen works with executives to develop their leadership beliefs, guiding principles, behaviours and impacts.

Trading as Appian Point Ltd

Current clients include: Government departments, Semi state bodies, NGO’s Charities, Co-ops and private companies and individuals.

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